in doha, serena has lipstick



Don’t worry folks, Serena definitely bought a lipstick pack on the ground at Doha, you know she has to re-apply that stuff every few minutes! The world’s “second best player” fielded questions from the media prior to the tournament’s Tuesday start.

Check out the girls all glammed up here. UPDATE: Watch (awkward) video here.


7 Responses to “in doha, serena has lipstick”

  1. styleslam Says:

    How glam – we LOVE the red lipstick! /Style Slam

  2. Marine Says:

    I don’t, she kind of looks like a hoo**r.

  3. Terry Says:

    Venus and Dementieva look very pretty, Serena looks like a cross dresser though, who knew Kuznetsova could look so girly.

  4. notanothertennisfan Says:

    Venus, Elena, Jelena and Sveta look lovely. But Serena? Let’s have an aside…

    Dear Serena: A lot of people like your punk, “I don’t care what you think/I’m doing my own damn thing” attitude. The problem with not caring what other people think is that you end up going out looking pretty trashy for your sports premiere event. Please get it together, Sistah Serena.

  5. bg Says:

    No amount of lipstick will ever cover up her thug image. She is just a thug.

  6. Lindsay S Says:

    This particular look could have been pretty chic for Serena, if it weren’t for that poodle hair. The red lipstick and crisp white button down are great! Her outfit for the Finals pre-party, on the other hand, was indescribably awful.

  7. Tennis this Says:

    egad! that looks terrible!!!!

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