short balls: andre admits, mary acts and dinara ditches



Doha Dust: The biggest news out of Doha today was that Dinara Safina withdrew from the event with a back injury. She was tied 1-1 in the first set with Jelena Jankovic when she pulled out, and now she is in doubt for the Australian Open in January. Let the debate begin… who had the more devastating end to the year: Safina or Ana Ivanovic? Too close to call.

Doha Dust (pt 2): The (good) news out of Doha today was the the Williams sisters put on another masterful show, Serena beating Venus 7-6 in the third set in what was a tense, tight battle, that included a saved match point. That ups Serena to 2-0 in round robin play, while Venus falls to 0-2 (she lost in three to Elena on day one).

Andre’s Book Deal is Crackin’: There is plenty of buzz around the November 9th release of Andre Agassi’s autobiography, “Open: An Autobiography“. It was revealed yesterday that Agassi admits to using crystal meth in 1997 in the book, during the low point of his tennis career. It was also leaked today that the now-father talks of the abuse of his own dad. Gotta buy us a copy of that one, eh?

’10 Bucks: Things are looking good for the US Open come 2010. The year’s final Slam signed a partnership with the car company Mercedes-Benz to be the tournament’s presenting sponsor on the men’s side and the offish vehicle of the tourney. A lucrative deal like this one the Open struck with Mercedes is hard to come by these days, so a big thumbs up to the Flushing Meadows event and tennis in gengen. We’re so popular.

Mother Mary of the Silver Screen: The behind-the-camera maven was pleasantly hilarious in this mockumentary, which features comedian Paul Mecurio as a part of his web series for HBO Sports. “Our breasts would compromise our backswings.” Hil-ar, Mare. We loves it.

Good Angle: We also loved this writing, from this past week. Chris Oddo penned a lengthy piece on Juan Martin Del Potro being the tallest Grand Slam winner ever and how his rise to new heights might be a sign of bigger (and taller) things to come.

(screen grab via you tube.)


8 Responses to “short balls: andre admits, mary acts and dinara ditches”

  1. Curtos Says:

    “Let the debate begin… who had the more devastating end to the year: Safina or Ana Ivanovic?”

    It’s not even close, Ana Ivanovic. She begin the year at #5 in the rankings and will finish at #22 playing the worst tennis of her career the past 3 months.

  2. Anne Says:

    What? How on earth is Safina’s year anywhere as bad as Ivanovic? Like Curtos said she’s no. 22 now, she was no.1 last year. I think that speaks volumes.

    I mean unless you mean devastating as in heartbreaking, i’d say Safina’s. She’s probably kicking herself not resting.

  3. Christina Says:

    In terms of results, Ana. In terms of general heartbreak, Dinara, no question. I mean, at least Ana’s hanging out with her boyfriend in Singapore, presumably enjoying herself on some level. Meanwhile, Dinara’s been taking kicks in the head from the press for the whole year and wrapped her year up leaving the court sobbing with a broken back. That’s no good.

  4. Hmmm Says:

    I like your blog but I was a little worried with this entry that your tone is starting to sound too much like Perez Hilton, with annoying abbreviated forms of words. If you want to call a tennis player a nick-name, that is fine. But “offish” for “official” and “Hil-ar” for “hilarious”?

    Just a suggestion. Do love your blog.

  5. Skip Home Says:

    Mary Carillo is the best commentator in the sport. What about her intelligent, insightful comments are painful to you? I suppose your favorite is Justin Gimelstob? Puh-leeze.

  6. Marine Says:

    I think Dinara is the tragedy of the year. I don’t think there has ever been a player who received so much vicious crap for her accomplishments. Come on, there were slamless no.1s in the past (Clijsters, Mauresmo) and no one was that bothered. But in Dinara’s case the media literally bullied her until she succumbed to the pressure. I think she’s been treated very badly, she doesn’t deserve it at all. For me she did a good job as a no.1 even though she let her chance slip at crucial moments. Thanks to her grind fans could see some quality matches as she does actually bother to play also outside slams.

  7. sean Says:

    The vicious crap thrown at Dinara and many of the top women players is not about their lack of accomplishments it is about how mentally weak they are. They are very inconsistent in their play not just match to match but set to set.

    • Anne Says:

      I don’t get why mentally weak is worse than ‘can’t be f*cked trying outside of grand slams’ Serena. At least the others bother to show up to work and try every day. Serena shows up for what, two months the whole year? Yet the media doesn’t jump on her for that. And it’s no wonder she plays better too, 8 weeks compared to 52 is a big difference.

      And with the media, Safina is in a no-win situation. Everyone else who have tough 3 setters end up winning because of their ‘ability to pull through’ and ‘toughness’ in the media’s eyes. In Safina’s case is ‘nearly lost’ and ‘lost’.

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