short balls wednesday


Vera Gets Glittery: We’re a little confused with that background, Vera. The Russian most famous for her on-court meltdowns is trying to outdo her real self with a virtual self that is bright, sparkly and downright frightening. We do give Vera the credit for having her site available in three languages (English, Russian and Chinese), but these colors… Oh, these colors! They’re enough to make us want to rip tape off our knees and hit ourselves in the face repeatedly.

Career, Interrupted: We have to agree with Yanina Wickmayer that the timing of her ban from tennis couldn’t be worse. The Belgian star who made the US Open semifinals and had a successful end of the year is now facing a year away from the tour after having a fantastic fall. Don’t feel bad for the girl? Just read this article

On a Roll: He may be Slam-less in nearly two years, but we do have to agree, Novak Djokovic is on a roll. What’s next for Nole? A London title? He won’t have Andy Roddick to contend with

Shortest Balls: Sam Querrey is working on returning from his freak accident just seven weeks after it happened. Venus Williams was named “Sports Woman of the Year” by the March of Dimes in New York. And two teens in North Carolina played the longest (amateur) tennis match ever. Foofta.

(photo via the wta web site)


One Response to “short balls wednesday”

  1. chris Says:

    why is everyone hating on purple these days?!

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