short balls friday


If you’re like me, you’re still full from yesterday, but nonetheless able to chow down on some left over for breakfast and lunch… and dinner, too. In any case, Happy (Late) Thanksgiving from your TSF crew.

A few short notes from a short week in the States…

Name Game: Didn’t know that Whitney Houston and Brittany Spears play college basketball? Well, they do, at University of Colorado. And no, that isn’t the correct spelling of thee Britney Spears, but hey, pretty funny, right? Speaking of famous names, the headline Federer to Return to Broadway caught my eye today but a little investigation proved Roger won’t be dialing in his singing skills for New York crowds this winter.

Tennislarity: The number of people who are now actively playing tennis in the country rose in the recent past, according to a new study out last week. We’ll take credit for that one. Everyone wants a body like Kolya’s… or Nole’s. Or maybe it’s that Arlen Kantarian just went out and paid people to play? Guess he could have afforded it.

Playing for Pride: Two American journeymen – Michael Russell and Taylor Dent – battled it out in the heartland last week for a satellite title. Who’s going to have a big 2010? Either of these guys… we’d like to see it. Russell won this encounter in two tight sets.

Ridiculously… Funny? We’re not sure. You tell us.


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