jmdp gets towled


Juan Martin del Potro was featured on’s “Sportrait” today. The gay-news blog gave del Potro plenty of (pictured) ink. Though through the fuzz (his, not the tennis balls’), it doesn’t appear that the US Open champ is in tip-top shape. Will it hinder his chances at a second straight Slam? Will be interesting to see what happens…

(photo via towleroad)


3 Responses to “jmdp gets towled”

  1. Erwin Says:

    he withdrew from kooyong, no? Not a good way to start off the year…

  2. Shannon Says:

    Well to be honest Federer didn’t look to be in his top shape (I thought I saw a little love handle action) yet he had a fantastic year. Yes Juan needs to get in better shape if he wants to keep up with Rafa in the terribly hot Australian weather but he handled the brutal NYC weather just fine. Here’s hoping he plays well!

  3. Lindsay S Says:

    He looks like The Wolfman.

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