let’s do the masha mash!


(We were working on the blog late one night…)

Here’s what Maria Sharapova will be wearing on the court for the 2010 Australian Open.

The dress: The solid blue slip dress with the printed mesh overlay — a design plucked from Maria’s personal sketchbook a year ago — has some hints of yellow and green to help the outfit pop in the bright blue courts of Melbourne Park. Note the high neckline with the ruffled edging. The Australian dresses are never our faves, and this one is about par. What do you think of it? Tell us!.

This piece is part of a larger campaign, Nike’s Maria Sharapova Collection, which’ll have seven dresses (along with tank/skirt combos) dropping throughout the year. She even helped select the army of tennis players (sorry, models) to help do her bidding on court: Kai-Chen Chang, Julia Goerges, Anastasia Pivovarova, and Madison Keys will all wear pieces from this collection.

Click on to see her shoes, her bag, and her drop earrings — all after the cut!

The shoes.

The earrings: And for the latest installment of Maria’s partnership with Tiffany, the jeweler’s dressed her in drop earrings from their Paloma Picasso collection — polished yellow quartz set in 18-karat yellow gold. Buy: Earrings, $1,050, available at Tiffany stores nationwide, tiffany.com, or 800-526-0649.

The bag (and racquet): Over at Prince, Maria’s one of a dozen players making the switch over to the company’s new Prince EXO3Black stick, which she’ll keep in her Limited Edition six-racquet Sharapova bag (in white/navy/royal). FYI, she’s carrying this through the French, which is when she’ll debut a new bag at Wimbledon for the rest of 2010. Buy: Retailer list and pricing info available at princetennis.com.

The draw: Maria shares the bottom half of the 2010 Australian Open draw with Safina, Jankovic, and both Bondarenko sisters. How far do you think she’ll go?

(Maria dress image courtesy of Nike; Tiffany earrings image courtesy of Tiffany; Prince bag image courtesy of Prince)


10 Responses to “let’s do the masha mash!”

  1. Tiff Says:

    This is HIDEOUS! I think it’s the colour, she looks like a drown victim who just came out of a moldy pond! Maybe if it was like… dusty pink, or just yellow all over… this is like the exact colour of mold.

  2. Austin Says:

    DRESS FAIL, honey. They should probably keep her sketches in her sketch-book where they belong from now on. The shoes are cute tho!

  3. JFK Says:

    The dress would look better without the Mesh part…but the earrings are gorgeous!

  4. jovan Says:

    reminds me of serena’s aussie open 05 with the “bibb”!!! LOL yeah the mesh is all wrong, and going blue on blue on a blue court doesnt help either!! do they not consider the color of the court?????

  5. nicola Says:

    Looks like Nike is letting her make the dress as well as design it!!! Poor poor poor poor- the cream one she wore two years ago was a winner but this one really looks like a craft project Maria has been doing in her bedroom

  6. Heike Says:

    She is obviously not a designer- it looks so amateur compared to what she was wearing a while back. Would nike be willing to let one of their designers compete in the Oz Open….??? If not then do not let Maria design her own outfit- she should be sticking to tennis practice

  7. amy Says:

    I guess Nike made so many people redundant last year that Maria is having to design her own dresses

  8. Maria Sharapova presents her 2010 Australian Open dress | Australian Open Says:

    […] (sources: Down the Line, Tennis Served Fresh) […]

  9. D Says:

    seems like no one liked the dress

  10. PRECIOUS Says:


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