sunday survey: who’s your winner?


Time to pick who you think will take home the 2010 men’s and women’s Australian Open titles from Melbourne. Tell us!

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8 Responses to “sunday survey: who’s your winner?”

  1. Chris Says:

    tough to say but I have to go for some:
    Murray for the men’s title,
    Sharapova for the women’s title…

    I though wouldn’t be surprised to see Dawidenko win the men’s and Henin take the women’s title, but I go for the above mentioned…

  2. gem Says:

    ‘m going to be bold and say we get 2 new slam winners: murray and safina (awful i know)

    murray just seems ready right now and the AO is anyones game. i think safina will come to life adfter beating masha to go on and win

  3. Jordan Says:


    dementieva looked very sharp today..however Henin and Clijsters are my 1st and 2nd choices to win this thing…Azarenka would be my under the radar choice.

  4. tennis this Says:

    Well now that Sharapova is out, I’m going to have to say Henin for sure. She’s rested and ready to rock! Roddick on the other hand looks to be in good form, however; I’m not sure if his knee will carry him the distance. As far as a champion for AO…Either DelPo or Murray.

  5. adie Says:

    I would have to say Federer and Clijsters.

  6. Nez Says:

    for me i hope the finals has:

    Roddick vs Djokovic

    Ivanovic vs Clijsters

  7. Taylor Says:

    Nadal and Henin.

    Not so much what I think will happen, mostly what I want to happen.

  8. Patchoi Says:

    nadal and dementieva! 🙂

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