short balls: the diva collection


The first three days of action are complete at the Australian Open and the tournament has provided some interesting talking points thus far. There was the Maria Sharapova upset to start. And then the Roger Federer hiccup. Serena made sure she ignited some week-one controversy because the tennis isn’t entertaining her enough. And if you wanted entertainment hopefully you caught the dramatic match up between Elena Dementieva and Justine Henin. We’re just sorry we had to listen to it on AO Radio.

This week we have three videos we want you to check out, but only one of them features a player still in action in Melbourne. The first two are recently-released commercials that we found thanks to the prompt Tweeting of our good friend TheDoubleBagel. First Serena, then Maria. Check them… they’re pretty dang cool.

See our third choice after the cut…

Our third – and most worthy – diva, Johnny Weir. This video is the trailer for the documentary that just came out about him called “Pop Star on Ice”. It’s supposed to be incredible. No, like, really, really incredible. As in lots of film festivals are digging it and it’s playing at the IFC in Greenwich Village right now. Make it happen, folks. Oh, and just in case: Johnny Weir bio.

(Screen grabs via YouTube.)


3 Responses to “short balls: the diva collection”

  1. jovan Says:

    I dont like your negative connotation with the comment “Serena made sure she ignited some week-one controversy because the tennis isn’t entertaining her enough.”……People are still asking her about it and she is only giving her honest answer and in reality she has made a good point because if Federer or Nadal did the EXACT same thing, their punishment would be so minimal…..She is not condoning her behavior, but the punishment was way her second round match, mary carillo brought it up claiming that Serena made “murderous” threats to the lines person and said that serena was lucky to even still be playing…Pam Shriver then got into it saying that Serena has a good point and read a fact that an NFL player to physically assaulted a referee, and was only fined 25,000….so lets rethink who is really “igniting” stuff….

  2. Jordan Says:

    if u need help finding a stream of a “not-espn” match at the aussie open, let me know, no radio needed.

  3. nmccarvel Says:

    Jordan! I’d love such a lead! Let me know…

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