tommy haas, en fuego


Speaking of our HOATs (it’s that kind of a day), Tommy Haas was locked in a five-set battle against Janko Tipsarevic, which rendered us useless (and awake) for a few hours last night. Haas won and will now face Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the third round. Draw: View his section of the draw here.

Tommy’s smokin’: The German’s no longer peddling K-Swiss goods, instead wearing pieces with the flame logo of Solfire, a Miami-based clothing company founded by artist Brendan Murphy. Note the use of graphics on the side and back of Tommy’s shirts. Check out some of the line (though not these specific performance pieces) on their site. We haven’t asked K-Swiss about who’s taking over Tommy’s place, but we’ll let you know when we find out anything more.

Uhm, can someone get him an underwear sponsor already? All that running around from side to side — it must hurt.

Bonus round: Yep, we couldn’t stop staring at his tummy, either.

(images via Getty Images)


3 Responses to “tommy haas, en fuego”

  1. Ben Says:

    Hi Erwin:

    I love the blog, and I’m super happy to see some off-beat tennis fashion for men. I checked out the Solfire site, and I’m wondering if you have info on any other smaller companies/designers that cater to men. Maybe it’s a new post? Maybe you’ve posted it before?


  2. Ritchie Perkins Says:

    Tommy would look good in anything…I have a design I thank would look really good on him….yea its me

  3. cat Says:

    Still smoking hot but no longer German. Tommy is brand spanking new American. Thank you, Germany. Thank you.

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