practice makes perfect: andy murray


2010 Aussie Open fifth seed Andy Murray is through to the round of 16 after easy, breezy straight-set wins over Kevin Anderson, Marc Gicquel, and Florent Serra. Up next is Isner, but we’re really jonesing for that quarterfinal he’ll have with Rafa Nadal (and possibly Del Potro or Roddick in the semis). (Draw: Men’s singles.)

Practice pics: Andy’s practice pics from before the tournament started, all after the cut. You’re welcome.

(images via Getty Images)


4 Responses to “practice makes perfect: andy murray”

  1. notanothertennisfan Says:

    I hate that he’s got such a hot body. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Nina Says:

    Yeah, he’s hot. I never tought I’d say that, lol.

  3. Adrian Says:

    Nadal vs Murray would be a fantastic semi finals for every fans in australian open.

  4. Ritchie Perkins Says:

    Andy is so un likeable to me, almost said un lickable, but after these pitcures WOW and I do admire his game. HE could go all the way..

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