may igor andreev’s biceps rest in peace


Igor Andreev got the distinction of being Roger Federer‘s opening round opponent at the 2010 Australian Open. He even took away a set from the top seed before falling 6-4, 2-6, 6-7 (2), 0-6.

And more notable is the Russian’s switch from wearing Under Armour, where we got full view of his wares, to the more classic polos of Sergio Tacchini (replacing Tommy Robredo, who’s now with Los).

Thankfully, Igor’s wearing a polo in a size that’s proportional to his body. And he leaves all but one button undone (are you taking notes, Andy Roddick?).

Andreev’s duties at the Aussie Open aren’t done, though. Now he gets to play the supportive bf while Maria Kirilenko plays in a quarterfinal match against Zheng Jie.

More: Two more pics of Igor

At least his abs still make a cameo once in a while.

(images via Getty Images)


3 Responses to “may igor andreev’s biceps rest in peace”

  1. notanothertennisfan Says:

    Two GREAT pics — in the first, he looks like he’s giving …umm… looks like his “Happy Face.” The second pic looks like the coy, teasing, naughty boyfriend…

  2. Ritchie Perkins Says:

    This poat confused me for awhile…now I get it, he is not a looker but yummy yummy…and we are missing the arms right!? Now I want to go back and see what he looks like sleeve-less, bet he looked good, I meant POST not poat…

  3. k2cs Says:

    hahaha for the 2nd pic he’s soo cute there. LOL He’s a good looking guy and really nice to get to see those hot abs and biceps. 😀

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