a whole lotto yellow


Kudos to Francesca Schiavone for taking these flirty white and yellow Lotto pieces all the way to the fourth round of the 2010 Australian Open (with an upset of 10th seed Agnieszka Radwanska along the way). The Italian and 17th seed even took a set from Venus Williams before losing.

But I’m not gonna lie: I’m curious to see how this dress would look on someone with more, uhm, boobs.

More: Note the frills on the skirt and the sheer material used as accent pieces. See pics after the cut…

(images via Getty Images)


One Response to “a whole lotto yellow”

  1. Sport Apparel Style Says:

    For more:
    Look at LOTTO Asia Li Ning, designed by some European Performance Sportswear designers for Li Ning/Lotto. Italy Lotto HQ is performance oriented, Asian LOTTO/Li Ning branch is lifestyle directed. Lotto Asia Tennis lines with the help of European designer Teodora Velensek, Li Ning apparel design under Mr. KD Waltner, as Global Creative Director Apparel at Li-Ning Sports LTD

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