short balls: a uso trip for you? (or bode.)


Grassroots game: The USTA has taken a page out of the American Idol playbook, and Bode Miller is doing his best to be the Kelly Clarkson of the gang. The USTA announced today that a playoff-type tournament will take place across the country from April through June, then continue through the U.S. Open Series schedule, culminating with the winner of the final earning a birth in the U.S. Open qualifying draw. Sound crazy? Miller doesn’t think so. We’re going to go with Jennifer Love Hewitt on this one. All three parts of her name are already tennis-familiar…

Big screen, small screen: If you missed our plug for skater Johnny Weir (and his new documentary) on last week’s short balls, here’s another shot. And who knew the Olympian had his own TV show?! I wonder what he would say about Wimbledon’s all-white rules… ?

William (not Williams) does the AO: Prince William made quite the visit to the Australian Open last week, taking in a Roger Federer match and chatting with the likes of Oracene and Serena; Serena spilled all the beans on SerenaTV. Meanwhile, Mirka might have to worry about Rog and Willy metrosexing it all over the globe together. Who would Harry match up well with?!

Picture this: If you’re ever in search of great sports photos, look no further than the daily collection that the New York Times puts together. And we’re not just saying that because we work there sometimes. But hey, we work there sometimes.

Freeze-frame fanny: Tobin’s right. What is with Venus’s skin-tone undershorts?! So confused.

Spin me, darling: has debuted a new feature to its web site in 2010 called “Daily Spin”. We’re digging the behind-the-scenes sort of coverage, but especially love the commentary from Photo Editor David Rosenberg. If TSF hosted an online panel with Chelsea-Lately-like tennis wit, David would be our first invite.

(photo by M De Vries via


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