trophy watch: serena’s name on the daphne akhurst cup


We can always count on Serena Williams to get dolled up for her trophy photo session. This fifth title in Melbourne is no exception. Here she is posing with the Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup. (Read: Akhurst an Aussie tennis legend)

Can you imagine how these pics would have turned out if Justine had won the title? We shudder to think.

(image via Getty Images)


9 Responses to “trophy watch: serena’s name on the daphne akhurst cup”

  1. B Says:

    Can dress her up, but she is still a thug. Justine has much more beautiful tennis lines.

    • rami Says:

      a thug? in what ways? because she’s black? because she took justine to school in the third set?

      • To rami Says:

        Why bring race into ur comments, seems like u’re being too sensitive. And it’s kinda rude to say that Serena took Justine to sch in third set…Justine clearly has more skills than anyone could think of, luck isn’t on her side and though Serena played well, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be no 1 forever.

    • Klonoa Says:

      ‘Thug’ is, unfortunately, still a very much racially-loaded word; I don’t think I’ve ever seen that term applied to a famous white person, ever.

      And to you, “To rami,” who thinks rami was “being too sensitive” about it and then turning around (in your very next sentence) and being sensitive yourself about Justine getting owned in the third, your bias is showing.

  2. killervirgo Says:

    Justine may have been lines and herpes, but look who has the Aussie Open title in doubles and singles … two years in a row.

  3. adie Says:

    Nothing wrong with the way Justine dressed! I like that Serena dressed up for the occassion but Justine looked comfortable and enjoyed her win in her own way.

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  5. sacha Says:

    I like her boots!!!

    Justine would have been wearing something drab and sporty and very ugly.
    It’s great when the players know how to glam it up! GO SERENA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Zinus Says:

    Justine will be in something a desperate housewife SHOULD be in!!

    Serena on the other hand, knows how to turn up something with STYLE, probably only Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams can match that among all the gals in the tour!

    Bottom line is SERENA is holding the trophy…on all surfaces bar clay, Ms S.Williams is currently the BEST…Champion w heart and STYLE!!

    Serena … GAME ON!!!

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