sunday survey: birmingham or bust?


This last week, the USTA announced that Birmingham, Ala., will host the Fed Cup semifinal tie between the U.S. and Russia in late April. While I’ve never been to Birmingham, I’m sure it’s got plenty of Southern charm and warmth – exhibited first-hand by this caboose downtown in the historic district. But does a town of 220,000 people deserve such a tie one year after hosting the Davis Cup? It seems peculiar.

What do you think of Birmingham hosting Fed Cup this spring? Is it fair to the rest of U.S. tennis? Do you have an inside scoop as to why a site like Birmingham was awarded another big U.S. tennis event? Let us know what you think.

(photo by Southernpixel via flickr.)


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5 Responses to “sunday survey: birmingham or bust?”

  1. chris Says:

    birmingham is a lovely town, but i dont think its fair. how many other towns don’t get tennis? and the usta does need to look at where people will go to see tennis … fargo? no one wants to go to ND. denver? the high altitude would be problematic. i think oklahoma city or st. louis would be a fine place, as would vegas.

  2. Em Says:

    What about Chicago? The third largest city doesn’t even have a tournament.

  3. HG Says:

    As I missed the DC in town last year, I’m pretty excited about this! Bham proper may only have 200k people, but metro Bham has well over a million and the turnout for the DC last year was a great showing with around 45,000 for a first round match. I think most parties were really pleased with the event last time, and I’m sure they’ll be expecting a good crowd again especially with Oudin fans from ATL.

  4. Bubba Says:

    Really simple, as stated B-ham metro has 1 mil crazy sports fans. Not a lot of comp from other pro sports, and has turned into a tennis hot bed! The math is at work also… got to sell tickets. USTA has got to fund tennis somehow. B-ham set a first round tie record with DC. They will set a new FC record next week.

    These events are bided on w/ the money going to USTA. Gene Hallman local sports promoter did a great job securing both events. Bringing Gov, tourism, media, and local players all together. Good for USTA, good for pro players, good for fans.
    Really just that simple……… Go USA !!!!

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