which of these just doesn’t belong?


(tsf illustration by troy venechanos)


5 Responses to “which of these just doesn’t belong?”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Aww. It’s not like it’s her fault Serena dropped out. And it’s still the last four ladies (other than Serena) to have won a Grand Slam. So it still works.

  2. Jon Says:

    ^ What Ryan said. She still pulls people in or is noteworthy, or everyone wouldn’t be so hung up on her slide.

  3. sacha Says:

    yes Ana is beautiful and can play well (ok she *used* to play well) but no one believes I hope, that she would have been able to won RG with Justine Henin in the draw!! She got very very very lucky just like Thomas Johansson in Australia. Winning RG like that certainly doesn’t make her a contender!!

  4. Jon Says:

    She beat everyone put in front of her. What more can be asked? That’s like saying Federer’s French Open win deserves an asterisk, as he didn’t go thru Nadal to take it. Or that Graf didn’t deserve every major she won in Seles’ absence. These players beat everyone they faced. Not their fault a chief rival was gone.

  5. sacha Says:

    hum, hum, hum Jon,

    Henin, a chief rival to Ivanovic??So how is the weather in Belgrade or Montenegro 😉

    Fed had –13– or so slams before Söderling took Nadal down. One can safely say that there is no possibility to reduce his achievement.

    On the other hand, Ivanovic…
    Wait didn’t she just lose to the very highly ranked and famous Sevastova (another chief rival of Ivanovic) in the first round of IW!! WOOHOO. But not to worry, as we know Ána had such a great year 2009, being into all these slams finals and winning tournaments left and right proving she’s such a force in the WTA, so it’s really no big deal for Ana…….
    Ah, sorry I just realized it was actually Safina and Dementieva who could scrap -albeit with difficulty, by Serena Williams!!!!!

    Anyway, putting the Serbian girl in the same sentence as Henin (or Graf, puleeease)-not to mention Federer is pretty silly! 🙂

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