nole darko


Yanking our chain (reaction): Though we’d rather see Novak Djokovic participate in another sort of chain, this one — involving a HEAD racquet, two geeks, and a whole lot of tennis balls — will suffice for now.

The racquet company’s newest campaign had the current ATP World No. 2 drumming up an idea for a chain reaction set-up triggered by swinging at a tennis ball (and eventually hitting a target).

To make it interesting, he and his friends upped the ante: if the experiment succeeded, Nole’s friends would have to wear pink bunny suits to one of his matches. If it failed, he’d have to wear the bunny costume to practice. (As long as tennis forever associates pink bunnies with Djokovic, we don’t really care how this turns out!)

Video: So how’d Nole fare? Check out the video above (it’s kinda sweet, so we’d rather not spoil it). And when you’re done, you can look at background info here.

Rewind: As you may remember, Djokovic was also the star of the “Speed Lessons” campaign, which came out a year ago.

Fast-forward: Brit Andy Murray‘s next up to bat. His video will be shot in the coming weeks and will debut later this year.

(image courtesy of HEAD)


4 Responses to “nole darko”

  1. raindelaysplay Says:

    Brilliant! Love it! I’m looking forward to the first Novak-powered transport network!

  2. Nina Says:

    “Though we’d rather see Novak Djokovic participate in another sort of chain”.
    LOL I wonder what sort of chain do you have in mind. :p
    Nole is a joker and the brightest star of Head, the company always goes to him for their wildest commercials (I had a fit with the nipple tassels on the last one). No wonder, if you’ve seen the commercials Andy have done, they are so… boring!

  3. Marina Says:

    WOW 😀

  4. elizah Says:

    i don’t get it. it’s just a bunch of tennis balls hanging in front of the machines. then novak just initiates the first ball in the chain. yeah it’s fake. anyone care to give a logical physics-based explanation?

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