sunday survey: who are your picks to win in key biscayne?


We all know who Anna Wintour (yes, wearing sunglasses during the evening session) and Mirka are rooting for to win in Florida. But who are your picks? Let us know in the comments section.

(photo via getty images)


9 Responses to “sunday survey: who are your picks to win in key biscayne?”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I’m kind of hoping for a Fedal final. It’s crazy to think we haven’t had one since last year at Madrid. Lots of tennis still to be played though. Let’s see how Nadal handles Nalbandian in the next round and whether or not Federer can keep the shanking in control.

    Other than those two, probably Roddick.

  2. madhurdutta Says:

    I am really looking forward to the Nadal vs Nalbandian match as of now. I too would like A Fedal final, it has indeed been to long. I would like to see, Soderling and Cilic doing good aswell

  3. BobbyMack Says:

    Are we talking best dressed, because it’s already in the bag – Venus and Fed! I give a lot of cred to a woman who dares on the court, and Venus’ dress, well that just is “doing it!”. To look that great, AND be playing well…double bonus!

    And I got to give it to my boy Fed. AN ORANGE HENLEY STYLE TOP, are you kidding me. Not only does he define the game with his play, but he’s defining the style of it too! So simple and so cool…

    But I agree with Ryan, a “Fedal” final would be great, with Fed pulling it out in 3.

    Ladies…let’s continue the love for Venus and put her up against Wozniacki – (cause any time she’s on the court it’s a god time) with VENUS taking it in two.

  4. Carolee Says:

    Speaking of DRESS. How about Caro W.? Beautiful and a stylin look!

  5. LoveMoby Says:

    As always I’m hoping for a Federer win! The man is beyond cool and the greatest male player in history IMHO

  6. BobbyMack Says:

    To Carolee:

    I have to say I dunno if I’m a fan of the Stella look that she wears…so little color. I can certainly respect the “Wimble White’s” but the looks she’s worn on the court are such drab colors. The styling is there, but let’s bring a little vibrance, no?

  7. Eric Says:

    I think venus is playing well and has a good draw so she’s my pick for the women. Speaking of Vee, that dress! My goodness that is bold. I’m surprised you guys haven’t posted anything about it yet.

  8. BobbyMack Says:

    Eric, I have a feeling they’re putting together a Venus piece as we speak, complete with photos aplenty!

  9. chris Says:

    My pick for the men is either Roddick or Nadal (sched to meet each other in the SFs).

    For the women I’m going to say either Clijsters or Radwanska (they’d meet in the Finals)

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