sunday survey: serena’s return


Serena Williams hasn’t played a competitive tennis match since winning the Australian Open in January – two whole months. The Queen of Comebacks, Serena said this week that she will not commit to a date of return to the WTA as she nurses injuries. Above, she plays some dirt ball with kids during a trip to Africa last month.

When do you think Serena will return? In time for the French? Wimbledon? Ever?! Can she pull a Clijsters and win a Slam again with little prep? Or is Serena entering the stage of her career where she has to be a little more careful about thinking she can strut in and win? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

(photo via the swf foundation)


4 Responses to “sunday survey: serena’s return”

  1. LoveMoby Says:

    I’m not a fan of Serena’s so really does not matter when she comes back but I think she will just before the French Open.

  2. Dedric Says:

    I’m one of Serena’s biggest fans! I think Serena has come to a point in her careeer where she does not want to nor does she need to play in very many tournaments. She is too prone to injury. Serena has decided to save herself for the majors. She might play one warm-up tournament to the French Open.

  3. ncot Says:

    “Can she pull a Clijsters and win a Slam again with little prep?”

    – um…clijsters had a year to prepare well for her comeback. past news articles say so. this is more of a serena thing.

    • rami Says:

      i agree! serena is the queen of little prep-to-slam-winner! i highly doubt that any other player in the women’s tour can accomplish such a feat (aside from venus on grass).

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