sunday survey: will andy win a slam again?


2010 has been a good season for Andy Roddick. Scratch that, a great season. Writes‘s Jon Wertheim:

[Roddick] is someone who has spent almost an entire decade residing in the top 10. He is a limited player who has done everything in his power to improve. He is a fighter. He is a professional who takes his career seriously and ambitiously. He is a mensch — the most recent evidence being his participation in the Champions for Chile fundraiser on the eve of the Key Biscayne final. He is also a 27-year-old playing perhaps the best ball of his career. After reaching the Indian Wells final, he went one better in Key Biscayne, taking the title and beating both Nadal and the surgingTomas Berdych along the way. Roddick may or may not ever win that elusive second Major. But it’s worth remembering that players with a lot more native talent have achieved a lot less.

Well said, if I say so myself. So here’s our question this week:

Will Roddick win ‘that elusive second Major’? Does he have it in him? Or will he, as Wertheim writes, be remembered as the guy who worked hard and did the best that he could have? And if he does have a shot at that second Major, where will it be? When will it be?! Let us know in the comments section.

(photo via flickr account prokiller)


7 Responses to “sunday survey: will andy win a slam again?”

  1. Chris Says:

    well, if he does have a shot at a second slam, it’s gotta be in wimbledon. last year’s final really surprised me as he came really close to winning it. Competition will be too tough at the us and aussies, and well, the french, it’s not an option at all. so it’s gotta be in wimbledon…

  2. Ari Says:

    i agree wimbledon’s his best shot. too many good hardcourt players (tsonga, del potro, djokovic etc) to make life harder for roddick on hard courts, however, not too many grass court specialists.

  3. Ryan Says:

    I want to say Wimbledon, too. But I don’t know… Sampras won his final slam at the US Open, Agassi reached his last slam final there, and Clijsters got her second… so I’ll give the vote to Flushing, Queens!

  4. coookies Says:

    I feel bad for Andy because mentally he’s probably 3rd behind Rafa and Roger, but talent wise, if you look at the top 10, he’s probably ranked 9 or 10. I do admire how he trained hard the last couple of years to improve his game. I say Wimbledon was his best chance last year but never say never. I agree a hard court slam is going to get harder to come by, with the young guys emerging or Rafa and Roger still around.

  5. chris Says:

    i think andy def has a chance at winning another slam, of course it would be wimbledon or the us open, and i think he would need some help perhaps with someone else taking out another guy or two at top. i think andy seems hungrier now than ever and stefanki may very well be right when he says andy’s best years are still ahead of him. with other coaches i’d just maybe say that was player posturing, but i don’t get that vibe from stefanki.

  6. tennis reckets Says:

    i wish he will.:-)

  7. riz Says:

    definitely wimbledon is best shot. from what i’ve noticed, the younger and up-and-coming players are not that comfortable on grass yet, and this is the surface where seasoned players like roddick, fed shine..and roddick always does well in queens club, so wimbledon is not an impossibility for him

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