spotted in soho: marat, the retired


Looking like he was having a tough day of shopping, I bumped into Marat Safin in Soho this afternoon. Safin was joined by a blonde (Russian?!) shopping partner, but he was the one playing the mule, carrying a Ted Baker of London shopping bag and another from Uniqlo.

Safin was casual in jeans and adidas sneaks (of course). Though, I was a little surprised (or was I?!) to see him smoking a cig on their stroll.

(tsf photo)


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12 Responses to “spotted in soho: marat, the retired”

  1. Romi Says:

    Hmmm, I think I need further proof that that’s actually Safin 😉 Because if it is, I would have jumped him — politely of course, and whisked him away to a dungeon somewhere where he could be my eternal man-slave. Well, in my dreams anyway. lol. Nice chance meeting, a little brush with a tennis demi-god :))

  2. isa Says:

    ‘I bumped into Marat Safin’ OMG – i’m so jealous :-)))

  3. Lori27 Says:

    Tell us somehing about the girl . Is she beautiful? When is this photo taken?

  4. nmccarvel Says:

    Romi– I’m sorry I have no further proof! If any of you have the guts to stand in front of Marat Safin and take his picked on a crowded NYC sidewalk, you be my guest 🙂

    Lori– I’ve never seen the gal before. Blond, cute, sunglasses. That get up she’s wearing is actually FUR and short-sleeved! Pretty hilarious. I’m guessing a Russian girl.

    Marat was just in Atlantic City last week for the exhibition there, so I’m guessing they decided to spend a few of those big bucks in New York after escaping dirty Jers.

    And I promise, this was the real-deal Marat… his slow swagger is so distinguishable!

  5. Lori27 Says:

    Thank you.Could you tell me if she resemble this girl?This is the last girl Marat was spotted with.
    Here are 3 pictures with her

  6. sherri Says:

    I saw them together in Atlantic City – she was ok – face kinda blah… but whatever floats his boat… they were shopping there too! he looks so hot – I got a photo with him!

    • carli Says:

      Hey – sherri -if the girl in this pic is the same one you saw him with in AC – is she Catherine Peshkova – the blond he was photographed with on the beach in Miami in December?

      • from1troll2another Says:

        Yes that’s Peshkova, stubby sausage legs and all.

      • coco Says:

        hey carli where can i see pictures of him on the beach with this girl?
        by the wa i searched her name and nothing comes up

  7. chris Says:

    your story is almost as good as mine … i think i spotted vince spadea at the macy men’s store at the beverly center in los angeles last week. he was walking through the ck section … maybe he’s trying to one up verdasco? yeah … i knew my story would win :-p 😀

  8. nina Says:

    mamma mia, Marat’s tastes in girls are going downhill.beuuuuuark. the girl looks legs and all (when you can see her face on other pictures) like the late Jade Goody!!!. I remember the time when he was winning slams and dating the beautiful Dasha Z.
    Seems like a very veeeery a long time ago!

  9. drema reed Says:

    Oh come on, the legs stuffed in those jeans cannot be the legs of the blond on the beach in Miami–no way!! Those are not stubby sausage legs on that gal–can it be??

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