sunday survey: your clay gal


We understand that isn’t winning fashion that Aravane Rezai is sporting in Madrid, but that doesn’t seem to matter much. Girl took home gold over Venus in straight sets and could be a dark horse at the French Open starting in a week’s time.

It got us thinking: Who has had the best clay-court season in preparation for the big ball in Paris?

(photo via yahoo! sports)


9 Responses to “sunday survey: your clay gal”

  1. Mitchell Says:

    Surely Jankovic deserves to be on the list?

  2. Nez Says:

    my words exactly Mitchell. shes displayed some good form coming into the clay season.

    i was looking to vote for her actually.

  3. chris Says:

    i agree with jankovic. #2 for me would be venus. i think peer can surprise some people at the french this year. and while i love sam stosur and i know she made the sfs at RG last year, i can’t help but think she’s gonna be a little bit of a letdown in paris.

  4. Mitchell Says:

    Big stosur fan (Im aussie) but I agree. I have a feeling the pressure of protecting her points from last year at RG might be a bit much.

    Hope I am wrong though!

  5. chris Says:

    exactly … she only made 3rd round at wimbledon last year so any points she loses at the french i think she’ll regain on the lawns and will end up in the net positive. heck, i would even go so far as to maybe paint her all the way into the sfs at wimby.

  6. Eric Says:

    I’m surprised no one has pointed this out yet! Venus’ clay record this year is actually 12 – 2 with a win in Acapulco! I would still put her behind Jankovic, Henin, and Serena as a RG favorite.

  7. Mitchell Says:

    I can’t find her entire Acapulco draw but she played
    quarterfinals: No. 399-ranked Laura Pios Tio
    semis: No. 164-ranked Edina Gallovits
    Finals: No. 60 ranked Polana Hercog

    I’m not sure if she had any stronger opponents in earlier rounds though… I was really surprised to see Venus at the top of the race standings. I feel like she has been so inconsistent this year, obviously that hasn’t been the case though!

  8. nmccarvel Says:

    We added Janky… though a little late! Thanks for making sure we’re on top of our game. She DEFINITELY belongs on this list!

    Mitchell, good point on Venus. has some thoughts on her four losses this year (in comparison to her 26 wins):

  9. chris Says:

    i disagree with’s take on Venus’s losses. Good Golly Miss Na Li is a former top 10 player (now top 20 i think), ditto Clijsters and we all know Janks has been playing lights out the entire spring. to me the only anomaly for Venus would maybe be Rezai … but to Rezai’s credit she did take out Henin in Madrid R1 (6-0 third set) and Janks in straight sets in the QFs. i saw her match live in Indian Wells when she beat Schiavone and thought she looked impressive there too. in Sydney to start the year she beat Szavay and Pennetta (another 6-0 final set) and pushed Serena to 3 sets in the SFs. plus she won Bali at the end of last year. given her play in the past 6 months, i would say that makes Rezai’s Madrid title seem a little less of an anomaly and Venus’ loss less of an embarrassment.

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