james speaks for hundreds of players, still can’t quiet pam


James Blake spoke out for hundreds of players who, over the last ten years, have heard Pam Shriver‘s voice carry on to the court, by shushing the ESPN correspondent today, but Shriver’s decibels didn’t drop after his initial rant.

While Blake was clearly irritated on his way to a three-set flop-out, he called out Shriver on being too loud while doing sideline commentary above Court 5. Shriver relays the details, but as she does so, she speaks at the same volume she had been the entire time, choosing to continue to get under the skin of the American. He let her know again how frustrated he was, and P-Shrive still couldn’t get a clue. (Click image to watch video.)

Later, we suspect, James received hundreds – if not thousands – of appreciative text messages from fellow players for his actions. He also, we (still) suspect, is crafting a Commentate-o-Meter to measure the decibels of on-court reporters. Shriver is expected to give Michelle Larcher de Brito a run for her high-pitched money.

(screen grab via youtube)


3 Responses to “james speaks for hundreds of players, still can’t quiet pam”

  1. notanothertennisfan Says:

    Hannah Storm kinda called Pam out, too, back in the studio at the end of ESPNU’s coverage for the day. The story had *just* broken. Pam looked sheepish and embarrassed. I hope James is able to rebound some time this summer.

  2. notanothertennisfan Says:

    Watching Isner vs. Mahut and Shriver and Brad Gilbert are joking about talking too loudly. Pretty idiotic.

  3. Andrena Galloway Says:

    I’m curious to know what sort of discipline will follow since she doesn’t seem to have learned her lesson.

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