four years on, is bethanie busted?


You probably would have ran this photo on the top of the post, too. (Getty Images via

The New York Times ran a story on Monday about Bethanie Mattek-Sands dressing herself up in soccer-like garb every four years for the World Cup, but we couldn’t help but notice how busted our favorite American funky gal looked in her photo from the first round. Pasty? Yes. Pudgy? A little? Is BMS sick? We hope not. But wow, the 2006 version of herself is looking light years better, don’t you think?

Way above: 2006. This one: Two-thousand eek.

2 Responses to “four years on, is bethanie busted?”

  1. chris Says:

    agreed … she seemed to have more drive and determination then … but as we’ve seen with fed, etc. i guess married life does cause one to lay off a bit.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Yeah, I saw the same article – and agreed. The 06 outfit was so fresh and fun – and maybe shorter hair suits her better, and right she’s gained some weight. But she helps us win at Fed Cup!

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