in pictures, the match that stretched a lifetime


The John Isner-Nicolas Mahut match might not still be going if the players didn’t make these grave mistakes during their nearly nine hours on court…

At one point, Mahut let the ball boy play a game for him while he crouched on his knees in the middle of the court. Not only did the ball boy suck at tennis, he tried to hold the racket head and hit with the handle. After much begging, the ball boy got Mahut to continue, but only after Isner had served four straight aces.

Isner took a bathroom break on court. This is extremely inappropriate, especially for Wimbledon. Mahut serves up two aces and the crowd did the wave several times to create some air flow on Court 18.

Isner thought English afternoon tea was for everyone and kept asking the ball boys and girls for strawberries and cream and a cup of English Breakfast while Mahut bombed four aces. Isner snapped out of it when someone from the crowd offered him a Georgia peach, and he obliged the sugar rush, “Why thank you, djya’ll!”

Mahut came down with a terrible migraine, costing him three straight points. He kept on muttering “Nau pamme, nau pamme!” which our French translators informed us means: “No Pam, No Pam!” Seemingly Pam Shriver‘s courtside commentating was causing the Frenchy some head trauma.

(getty images via yahoo! sports)


5 Responses to “in pictures, the match that stretched a lifetime”

  1. Clay Says:

    This was just painful to watch. Really hoping John can pull through tomorrow.

  2. Jess Says:

    Mahut – The Real Iron Man – refer to the below post –> 46 games later.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Best game ever

  4. chris Says:

    great post 🙂

  5. The Slice Says:

    Really great post! No Pam! Hysterical.

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