roddick, out!


Asian men, represent!: In one of the biggest upsets so far in the 2010 tournament, the 82nd-ranked Yen-Hsun Lu beat Andy Roddick — last year’s finalist — 4-6, 7-6 (3), 7-6 (4), 6-7 (5), 9-7. Each man’s serve was broken only once during the match. Lu next faces Novak Djokovic. (Draw: Men’s Singles)

Same shirt, different day: The dejected Andy, who attributed his loss to three sets of “horrendous” play, is in the same Lacoste polo he wore in Melbourne earlier this year.

(images via Getty Images)


One Response to “roddick, out!”

  1. Klonoa Says:

    Roddick’s comments are…unfortunate. “Horrendous” and “really, really badly” are words usually reserved for losing in straight sets 6-love or 6-1, not two close tiebreaks among five tight sets and holding serve the whole way through. Way to downplay your opponent’s victory; enjoy that second Grand Slam you’ll never get, bro.

    Federer played the first three, four sets worse against Falla (my new BF) than Roddick did against Lu and yet he never made those kinds of comments.

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