breakfast at wimbledon: 2010 ladies’ final


Trophy time: A women’s doubles final between Vesnina/Zvonareva and Shvedova/King doesn’t exactly inspire a ratings smash, but NBC Sports should be showing that instead of the Nadal/Murray semi, no?

A very eloquent and appreciative Zvonareva puts it all in perspective: it’s every player’s dream to play Centre Court at Wimbledon, and she got it done!

6-3, 6-2: For the fourth time, Serena wins a major without losing a set. Mazel!

5-2: Serena’s up to bat for her 13th major singles title. Opens with an ace.

5-1: Zvonareva had the tape working in her favor in the seventh game to hold. Fun fact: her favorite college subject is statistics. Oh, those Russians!

3-1, deuce #2: Vera hits her first two forehand winners to dig out of a break point… aaaaand Serena ends up winning the game anyway.

3-1: Roger Federer will fall to No. 3 in the world when the rankings come out next week. It’ll be the first time he’ll be down there since 2003. Who were the top two back then?

2-1: Centre Court looks pretty banged up — it’s playing like a clay court, says Nadal — but we’d really like to know how Court 18 is faring…

2-0: One game later, Vera’s still beefing about losing her serve to open the second set. She rights the ship and holds.

0-0, second set: SERGEY.

6-3: Serena, even with some faulty serving — winning points on 27% of her second serves — takes the cake.

5-3: Awesome defense by Serena leading to a break of serve. There probably won’t be a third set the way this is going. BTW, Zvonareva’s wearing the Open Racerback Tank from K-Swiss. That teal and yellow motif is much better than the navy she had on for the first few rounds.

4-3, Serena: FYI, Mariana Alves is calling this match.

3-3: Vera digs out of a break point with some awesome serving. That forehand of hers, though…

3-2, Serena; And now begins the sightings in the stands: BJK, Navratilova, Brazilian Maria Bueno, and Christie Brinkley.

Changeover: Back to the drawing boards, Geico. You have Billie Jean King sitting in a linesman’s chair in that ad with the Caveman… but she ends up looking like a geriatric in a wheelchair.

2-2: Vera holds again with some good defense but some horrible slicing. (She’s in the doubles final with Vesnina.) Stat: this is the 16th major in a row that Serena’s played. If the kids only knew how spotty her attendance used to be…

2-1, Serena: At least Vera’s getting into points even with Serena’s crazy first-serve percentage for the tournament (over half have been unreturnable!). On another note, when do we get to see Sergey??

1-1 Serena’s serving again after holding to open the match. Is it really just Mary and Ted in the booth? With no McEnroe to hog up air time, we’re excited to see what she’ll spew!

Warm-up: We still have beef about those warm-up pants on Vera Zvonareva.


One Response to “breakfast at wimbledon: 2010 ladies’ final”

  1. Jotham Says:

    McEnroe “hog up” air time? He’s the best commentator in sports!

    But yes, we got to see the Nadal/Murray match yesterday, there is so much more tennis than showing replays during theIr main coverage.

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