back for more, pop music logs in another tennis video


If Rafael Nadal appearing in Shakira’s “Gypsy” video didn’t do it for you or you didn’t have any sort of interest in watching Jake Gyllenhall run around in short shorts in Vampire Weekend‘s “Giving Up the Gun”, there is now a third tennis-themed pop music video of the year to satisfy your taste.

Gael Monfils and Novak Djokovic guest star in French electro artist Martin Solveig‘s new video for his single “Hello”, part of his forthcoming album, Smash.

While tennis can say it’s increased its popularity over the last few years with interest in the Nadal-Roger Federer rivalry heating up, it’s pretty cool to see not one, not two, but three music videos released in one year that have tennis roots. This video, shot mainly in Court Philippe Chatrier involves both Monfils and Djokovic putting their acting chops to work.

Who is the antagonist and who is the romantic? Click the video above to see for yourself.

UDPATE: Thanks to a reader tip, we’ve got more tennis in the music video world (#4 and climbing!) after the jump.

English artist Mark Ronson (& The Business Intl) get their tennis on at the end of the new video for “Bang Bang Bang”. A little political statement below with the foot on the line? Curious. Click either image to view the vid.

(screen grabs via youtube/sourcing from towleroad)


3 Responses to “back for more, pop music logs in another tennis video”

  1. adie Says:

    Love it! Poor Martin…

  2. jgf Says:

    mark ronson’s new one, ‘bang bang bang’ also features some tennis

  3. Jake Willens Says:

    I love it– Bring it– more tennis in music videos gives tennis even more global exposure.

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