short balls: what’s your britney moment?


Leave it to Andy Roddick to make a head shave seem hilarious and semi frightening all at once. The top American, who lost in shocking fashion to unknown Yen-Hsun Lu in the fourth round at Wimbledon, told the ATP that “There was no deep reasoning. I had a Britney Spears moment after Wimbledon.” No deep reasoning?! Andy! Didn’t you follow the 12 months of Brit’s life before that head shave?? Her reasoning couldn’t have been deeper. It seems as though Roddick was mightily bummed by his disappointing performance at the All England Club, capping off a topsy turvy 12 months himself. Southern refreshment: Andy has taken his new hair (and new game?!) to the Atlanta Tennis Championships with a wildcard into the new event. See the draw here.

While Roddick may be into head shaving, Serena is into nail-doing and Nicole is into marrying. In a recent Vogue online feature, writer Marina Rust, interviews Williams while she gets her nails done – by Serena! The manicurist (Serena aka Kandse) chatted about life outside of tennis while the two breathed in polish fumes, Rust making a good point when she said it was a better way for them to chat then trading a few groundstrokes. Meanwhile, former (yes, former) pro Nicole Vaidisova traded vows with Radek Stepanek over the weekend. Who knew that Vaidisova, who was locked in a tough semifinal battle with Serena just three years ago at the Australian Open, would be retired and married at age 21. Such is the life of a WTA superstar, we suppose.

Martina Hingis is no WTA superstar anymore (nor is she involved with Stepanek… though she once was), but the Swiss Miss is continuing her post-tennis life by exploring the different pleasures of life. Her most current obsession? Polo. Hingis was spotted in Florida getting some polo lessons last weekend. Maybe Britney will cast her (or Andy?!) in her next video.

After the cut: two online screen grabs that grabbed our attention this week plus a full (and plentiful!) version of short(er) balls, the best never-ending paragraph you’ve ever come across.

Above: Serena might need spell check (and some grammar lessons) after re-reading this recent Tweet. Below: The USTA buys some virtual ad space with a banner up earlier today on homepage.

short(er) balls: Golfer John Daly couldn’t have been wearing uglier pants at last week’s British Open. The American finished tied for 48th. (And last in the fashion running.) | The New York Times explores the life of a freelance dancer. In this case, Taylor Gordon, a media junkie herself who has interned at The New Yorker. Her commitment to being on stage for a lifetime? Admirable. Though we wouldn’t want to see any golden age tennis players losing badly in small-time tourneys. | LeBron James has announced a line of children’s furniture. (Sounds frightening.) | Seems as though things between Chris Evert and Greg Norman were never peachy keen. Though now this is just sounding downright ugly. | Caroline Wozniacki’s US Open dress by Stella McCartney has been unveiled (thoughts?), though the Dane is taking a few weeks off to R&R at home. | Leave it to the savvy folks at New York Magazine to give us a body (well, skin, that is) count from the new (and re-vamped) A&F Quarterly, Abercrombie & Fitch’s catalog. | Pop star Robyn rocks David Letterman. The only other Swede Letterman has ever heard of? Bjorn Borg supposedly.

(screen grabs via towleroad, twitter and


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