tipsarevic rolls to beat of his own drum


We already know that Janko Tipsarevic is different from the average bear, but he has shown this even more so while in Los Angeles for the Farmers Classic ATP Tour Stop. Over at Sweet Spot, James LaRosa got some taxicab confessions out of our munchkin Serb (something about sheep looking at doors?).

And earlier this week he mentioned a racquet bag change via Twitter. He rolled out the new look for his opening dubs match with Feli.

They’ll resume their partnership for a match today against the team of Ross Hutchins and Jordan Kerr.

Draw: See who’s left playing singles and doubles at the Farmers Classic in Los Angeles.

(bag image by TSF; screengrab from Twitter; match images via Getty Images)


One Response to “tipsarevic rolls to beat of his own drum”

  1. pip Says:

    What Janko tried to explain in his limited English is a Serbian saying “He has that look of a calf watching a multicoloured door” used when somebody looks completely puzzled and bamboozled with someting silly or unusual.

    It derives from those big, blank eyes of baby cattle that can get fixated onto anything strange, for example a pen door with a psychedelic paint job.

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