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on 9/02/10 celebrating 90210

September 2, 2010

Kudos to my friend Sarah for noticing this, but today’s date gives homage to everyone’s favorite ’90s TV show, Beverly Hills 90210. And don’t worry, we dug up a tennis-inspired clip featuring the handsome guest star, Matthew Perry, from the show’s first season. Brandon is such a reporter! Go get that scoop, Walsh! We bet this is the episode that started the Perry-Capriati bond, no?

Full episode description and clips here.


it must be… the food we eat?

September 2, 2010

Americans Melanie Oudin and Andy Roddick crashed out of the US Open yesterday, both losing to Eastern European players in winnable matches. Roddick’s was marred by controversy – much of it self-inflicted – while Oudin’s tightness got in her own way of a second straight Cinderella story.

Maybe it’s the food we eat? Okay, probably not, but GOOD has this great photo gallery up of American fast food that we had to pass on. Click the image above to see the rest of the shapely fried goodness, shot by Jon Feinstein.

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