who needs wags? tsf has your habs right here


Husbands And Boyfriends, that is. With all the love for the Wives And Girlfriends out there, we figured it was about darn time to make sure that this game of payment equality was also about equality in and about the scouring of the player boxes for attractive looking people – of both sexes. Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the HABs of the 2010 US Open.

We’re leading off the pack with a known entity: Tomas Berdych. You can find Berdych in the corner for longtime-GF Lucie Safarova. Both are Czech. Both are beautiful.

WTA looker Dominika Cibulkova – herself included in Urban Daddy’s list – has tattooed fella Miso Navara giving her thumbs up during her matches.

Are these two still together?! Mladjan Janovic with Jelena Jankovic. What a household the Janovic-Jankovic home would be, no?

More BAHs after the cut. (It’s worth the click.)

Samir Nasri, a professional footballer in France, is just trying to get his lady, Tatiana Golovin, back on the court. Maybe they should be doing less of this?

Golfer Adam Scott has been linked to Ana Ivanovic for awhile, now. How are those forearms working for ya, Rafa?

They can’t all fit in her player’s box, but top-seeded Caroline Wozniacki has the support of the entire Yale football team.

And it’s no football team, but Martina Hingis gives us plenty to choose from. We chose Sergio for no reason in particular. Maybe they could double date with Adam and Ana?!

Anna Kournikova hasn’t been on tour in awhile, but there’s always room for some Enrique, right?

(screengrabs via various online outlets)

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8 Responses to “who needs wags? tsf has your habs right here”

  1. notanothertennisfan Says:

    Miso! Wow, he is a beautiful man…

  2. Tahoe Editor Says:

    “world no. 1 Caroline Wozniacki” ???
    W R O N G ! ! !

  3. nmccarvel Says:

    Thanks Tahoe Editor, we fixed that error! -NM

  4. Eric Says:

    How could you have left out Serena’s on again, off again man, Common?

  5. chris Says:

    if i’m taking any of them home with me, it’s gonna be jelena’s man.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Yess! Enrique! #1 Sports HAB! At least he’s not afraid to date female athletes unlike some other male non athlete celebrities.

  7. Guest Says:

    It sucks these guys are overlooked, especially if they’re really hot-looking, even in other women’s sports too like soccer and basketball for example. I hope during Womens World Cup Soccer next year that HABs are showcased.

  8. short balls: wimbledon goes mainstream on week 1 « tennis served fresh Says:

    […] TSF Vault: The husbands and boyfriends of tennis gals The return of the Sisters Williamses: With Venus and Serena back, The Huffington Post saw the […]

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