after beating sharapova, caro takes on the world


A day after manhandling Maria Sharapova in the fourth round of the US Open, Caroline Wozniacki is on top of the tennis world. The whole world, that is. TSF noticed all the buzz today, and is here to chronicle it for you in one, easy-to-read blog post. Voila!

On the Twitter front, @carowozniacki, Caroline herself, power-tweeted all day long. First there was chatter about overtaking John Isner in followers, then she showed that she has stolen the lives of Maria and Serena Williams by being a fashionista, even in week two of a Slam.

If the prowess couldn’t be felt through Wozniacki’s tweets, surely an at reply congratulations would do the trick from the one and only Serena. And another tennis diva giving Caro props was Tennis Channel‘s James LaRosa, scolding anyone who still thought Wozniacki plays as a human backboard.

Not to be outdone, the mainstream media got on the WozniackiExpress today as well, with the USA Today churning out an article about Wozy as tennis’s new “It” girl; the New York Times featuring Caroline on its homepage for a good chunk of the afternoon (see screen grab after the cut); the WTA web site had a feature on her as long as Tweeting a year-old video of Wozniacki hanging out with soccer superstar David Beckham; the LA Times relegated its coverage to a blog post (how dare they!); the New York Daily News not only complimented Wozniacki’s play but her put-together look; and the New York Post couldn’t have been more blunt with its headline: “Wozniacki has look of future champ“.

More on the Wozniacki craze – including what was happening in the blogosphere after the cut.

Meanwhile, in the blognation, Wozniacki was making an impression over on The Fan Child’s Two Cents while Chris Chase was continuing the Daily News conversation on Caroline’s outfit on the Yahoo! Sports page. Down the Line! put up a picture only they would (we love it, Rich!) and the always-thorough C-Note simply claimed: “She’s ready for primetime.”

Yes, we can tell… she is.

Below, Caroline Wozniacki takes a seat on the New York Times homepage for a while this afternoon.

(european pressphoto agency; screengrab via


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2 Responses to “after beating sharapova, caro takes on the world”

  1. Smith Says:

    Ugh, someone anyone please beat Caro at the U.S. Open. She is the most boring player I have ever watched in my lifetime. Sadly she’ll probably win the Open and that will mean I am done as a fan of tennis. This pusher – and yes, she’s still a pusher no matter what anyone says – being on top is the death knell for women’s tennis. Please come back soon Serena!

  2. jake Says:

    when serena comes back shes gonna whoop your ass..

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