short balls: superfantastic saturday


Kiss me, it’s Saturday.

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer played one of the more memorable matches in recent history late this afternoon at the US Open. The Djoker prevailed 7-5 in the fifth set, in a match that saw him save two match points at 4-5 down in the fifth. What a fight, no? Next up? Rafael Nadal.

D-Listed got into the tennis spirit this past week, putting up a few pictures of celebs at the USO. While we like seeing the images, the writing on D-Listed never fails to amuse in one way or another, or at least raise an eyebrow or two? got into the spirit, too, posting their own gallery and making sure we kept up on the whereabouts of Joba Chamberlain. Ohhhhhhhhh, he’s a baseball player. We thought maybe that was Kathie Lee Gifford’s co-host on the Today Show. Our bad.

While the New York Times had behemoth coverage on the Open again this year, (full disclosure: I was apart of that team), the Wall Street Journal pushed their own tennis agenda on the grounds of the USTABJKNTC over the last two weeks. In the last year, the WSJ has amped up its coverage of the greater New York area to compete directly with the Times. Making sure to cover all angles, the paper got in on the culinary action of the grounds, while also getting their stopwatches out and putting together a healthy amount of data on how long players were taking to serve (they’re allotted 20 seconds after the previous point had ended). Most entertaining, though, was Ralph Gardner‘s piece on spending a day with Tennis magazine legend writer Peter Bodo and feeling a part of the inner, ‘frat-boy’ tennis culture. A great read. Plus, if you want a great watch/listen, there’s a video on – surprise! – the grunting women of the WTA Tour.

There’s plenty of grunting (and yelling and screaming) in the collection of videos that put together known as “Fifteen Famous Tennis Tantrums.” Our favorite is probably the Roddick video from the 2008 Aussie, where he argues (wrongly) about a point awarded to Kohlschrieber. Seems as though Mr. Roddick has a habit of arguing points/ causes/ issues that just don’t fit and are just plain incorrect. It was also plain incorrect for this goalie to celebrate so quickly. Oops.

And while some of this video left us scratching our heads, we definitely love some play on words now and then, especially when they involve -ovas and -vitches from the comedy duo The Stone Bros. “Whateva Slevtova”? (Read: Whatever’s left-over.) Brilliant. Click the image to watch the clip.

(djokovic photo by stan honda via getty images; youtube screengrab)


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