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what nadia should have worn at the us open + ellesse fall/winter 2010

October 1, 2010

Le sigh. A week after being shut out of the Open de Moselle’s website for not knowing any French, we’re left clicking randomly (uhm, what’s the surfing equivalent of grasping at straws?) to browse the japanese Ellese website.

Anywho, above is a snapshot of their fall/winter 2010 offerings for the ladies, keeping on with the frilly/girly aesthetic we expect from the brand. Note the stripey dress Nadia Petrova wore for competition at the 2010 US Open.

Meanwhile, she might have been able to get away with the print had it been reduced to a skirt and paired with a quieter top, seen here above. We hope you’ll get to mix and match before the season’s over, Nadia!

(screengrabs via Ellesse)


ellesse on court

October 1, 2010

To those who geek out over this stuff, what the chair umps and ballgirls are wearing at this week’s Toray Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo. By Ellesse, of course. (Under that track jacket is a polo in the same shade. On the chest is just the Ellesse logo with no fancy crest.)

More: Another few pics — including the ballgirl outfit — after the cut…

andrey golubev upsets soderling in kuala lumpur

October 1, 2010

Kazakhstan’s Andrey Golubev is through to the semis of the Malaysian Open after upsetting top seed Robin Soderling. Golubev next faces David Ferrer. (Draw: Malaysian Open Singles)

Victor/Victoria: That contrast on his Australian by L’Alpina bowling shirt is a little much, no? Browse: Australian’s Fall/Winter 2010 lookbook, include tennis pieces, here.

(image via Getty Images)

“things will get easier. people’s minds will change. you should be alive to see it.”

October 1, 2010

At the very least, you’ll wanna be around to see what Venus Williams will wear at the US Open next year!

But seriously, a lot of us have been through this. I know plenty of people who’ve felt ridiculed, shunned, bullied, and tormented for being gay — and felt like they had no other choice but to end their lives. It’s a tough situation to be in, but you really have to believe that things will get better. And like Ellen says, there’s help out there.

Resources: At least for LGBTQ youth who feel like they’ve got nowhere to turn, you can check out these orgs.

[…Which makes me wonder what we have in place for older people who are dealing with coming out (like, anyone older than a teenager all the way through the 65+ set) . I’m not saying there’s nothing out there; I just realized I don’t know who/what those services are. If you know of any, I’m all ears!]

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