the rest of team tacchini


While it can’t be argued that Novak Djokovic has upped Sergio Tacchini‘s profile a few notches (uhm, anyone who can do this to their moneymaker is a moneymaker), we’d like to point out what the other STers are doing their part to get the brand some airtime.

You say “Christmas,” I say “Gucci”: Belgium’s Olivier Rochus wore a white polo with green and red stripes as he weathered the collective sigh of tennis fans around the world — at the PTT Thailand Open in Bangkok a few weeks ago, the munchkin took out Juan Martin del Potro in the Argentinian’s first match since the 2010 Australian Open. (Both Rochus and Hanescu wore this kit for the US Open.)

It’s slimming: That shade of blue worked on the Steve Darcis thanks to the bits of yellow that broke up the dark palette. Here he is in the final of the Etthias Tennis Trophy, which he lost to Adrian Mannarino.

Argyle: On the women’s side, the hyperpleating on Tathiana Garbin came back in another iteration, but more eye-catching was the argyle on this sides of this tank, also worn by Roberta Vinci (who upset Svetlana Kuznetsova in the first round of last week’s China Open in Beijing).

(images via Getty Images)


2 Responses to “the rest of team tacchini”

  1. Basil Valentine Says:

    I enjoyed reading your post about “the rest of team tacchini”

  2. Giselle Says:

    Woe, Nole is really the Gumby Man. Definitely, impossible what he does with his body!

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