lacoste l!ve


Lacoste is opening up a string of stores for their L!VE brand, which reinterprets the classic looks of the brand for the younger, hipper set. Even the store design follows this aesthetic, with hardwood floors, suspended merch rails, and a scrolling ticker that displays info of music playing in the space. Expect 60 or so of these shops to pop up all over the world; Paris, London, Zurich, and Berlin will open in the next few months.

Yessss: For once, the guys win out! The current collection of Lacoste L!VE consists of footwear and sportswear for guys. But ladies, not to worry: you’ll get your own version of the goods for Fall 2011.

Artbattles: Back on September 18, Lacoste hosted an ArtBattles between Sean Bono and See One, who were challenged to decorate a 3D exclamation point in front of the store. (See: Twitpic)

Info: LACOSTe L!VE Store, 134 Prince Street in New York City; Hours: 11am-7pm Monday-Saturday, 12-6pm on Sunday;

Our picks: Lacoste! Merino Wool Crewneck Flag Sweater, $165; T-Shirt with Crayon Graphic, $45; Long-Sleeve Jersey with Crayon Stripes, $165.

More: A few other images of the store after the cut…

(images courtesy of Lacoste)


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