on the 2nd day of giftmas: if the shoe fits


There was no glass slipper to be worn on the tour this year, not – at least – for the professionals. Melanie Oudin did her best at that last year at the US Open (as did the much-forgotten Jelena Dokic at the Aussie), but no such slipper was happening this year. There were, however, plenty of good shoes to be worn by the pros and we give you a good line-up to find over the next two weeks, just in case you have a Christmas Day tennis match with Pete Sampras (or his trophy stealer).

The adidas Barricade (shown above) has been alive and well for awhile now, and the sixth version of the shoe launched this fall. Oudin sported her “Courage” pair at this year’s USO, and a bevy adidas-wearing players were together to tout the shoe before the start of play at the US Open. But you don’t need to be at Flushing Meadows to sport these kicks, find them online starting at $115.

Remember when? TSF was besties with Justine. We do: The Justine Diaries | Part 2 (We’re famous in Belgium!)

If you’re not looking for competitive kicks, we would have loved to have recommended you landing on the K-Swiss collaborative shoe, Deuce. But the shoe, which we gave a thumbs-up to in October, sold out in three weeks after a successful collaboration with Undefeated, a quirky SoCal.  Therefore, we’re giving the nod to the aptly-named “Classic Hiker” from K-Swiss, which was just named one of Complex‘s 18 Best Boots for Winter. What’s even better than the look of this no-nonsense shoe is its price: $75 online.

Below: a look at the Ariake, a K-Swiss running shoe that we’re digging. Online for $100.

Hop the jump for our other shoe picks this holiday season.

So we’ve given you a good tennis shoe choice, and somehow even delved into the worlds of hiking and running as well. But we had to venture over to our friends at Tretorn to check out what they were cooking up for the holiday kitchen. It was earlier this year that they saved our lives on a snowy New York day, but this time, they’re giving us more of a spring/ summer vibe. At least that’s how we feel with the Skymras, priced at just $45 but still looking oh-so-hot. Guys can rock the same styles, and these shoes are perfect for those March days when it’s just a little chilly out and you can wear no socks and not even worry about tieing your laces. Bliss!

In case you forgot: Roger Federer has cooler shoes than you. (And yes, four dots should be a-comin’.)

(images via adidas, k-swiss and tretorn, respectively)


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