on the 4th day of giftmas: design between the lines


Hugh Hayden is by no means new news in the tennis design world, but he certainly keeps us interested. The designer of all things comfy (and recycled) continues to churn out tennis-inspired furniture, like the dog bed that can be seen below. Hugh hit it big this year in landing the gig to design Lacoste’s boutique window at the US Open. Now Hayden is personalizing the design concept for his adoring fans. A custom set is available for $325. The dog bed is available on the same link to the left for $285.

Rainbow row: Hayden can get colorful, too.

While the Hall of Fame chairs that you can nab at SportsMemorabilia.com aren’t half as comfy as what Hayden is churning out, they come along with some pretty good history and sentiment along with them. Chairs from the International Tennis Hall of Fame come (signed) from faves like Johnny Mac, Pete Sampras, Jim Courier, Mats Wilander and Tracy Austin. Cost? It’s a pretty penny: around $600 each.

All right you budget shoppers, we’ve got you covered after the jump, so get a-clickin’!

We’re pretty obsessed with the tennis design web site, Tennis By Design, that features all sorts of tennis-inspired trinkets and useful household items with a tennis twinge. Want a tennis-ball shaped lip balm? That’s only $4.99. How about a “Tennis Ct” street sign? Just $25. (As is the “Wimbledon Way” sign.) A tennis ball travel mug and a wide variety of tennis-themed mousepads go for $10. And in case you’re hosting an Australian Open viewing party next month, cocktail napkins (a package of 20) are $3. Our favorites? The Christmas cards you see below. A package of 15 for $11.50.

(screen grabs from hughhayden.com (2); sportsmemorabilia.com; tennisbydesign.com)


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