on the 8th day of giftmas: excess baggage


‘Tis the season of choices, no? We give you five (count ’em, 5!) bags to pick from this holiday season. From the super-chic and trendy Soho choice to a bag that couldn’t be more Apple Pie America to another selection (after the cut) that you might want to buy alongside a pair of sunglasses. No, really… at least for the kids. Batter up: LAYERxlayer is catching our eye this year with their trendy, made-to-order approach of bags that you can really take anywhere. The Wayfarer pack, seen below, is $189 online and couldn’t be better for a city dweller that wants a good, sturdy bag that can withstand a daily commute on the 6 Train. 100% denim body.

Say what you will about the simplicity of the Fila (or Ralph Lauren) color palette, sometime tennis (with it’s bright yellow balls, purple courts and god-forsaken plaid shorts) needs a little grounding. That’s why this year, we’re digging this three-racquet bag from Fila, which is the perfect gift for any regular club or competitive player in your life. And serse, for $39.99, there just isn’t anything better than red, white and blue. (Available on Tennis Warehouse.)

And while after the cut we have two somethings for the ladies, we figured we’d throw a bone for our dudes on this next choice. While we were drooling over Roger’s RF bag earlier this fall, Nike has the next best thing in the small, classic duffel bag in black. The bag, just $60 on their web site, is the perfect carry-on, carry-to-the-court or carry-my-stuff-around-all-day selection for a sporty fella in your life.

After the cut: a look at a tennis bag that is (still) on our radar (and a nice surprise).

If you’ve spent any time at country clubs across the US where either little girls 8-13 or women 40-65 play tennis, chances are you’ve encountered the Whak Sak. These over-the-top bags are in-your-face and sometimes a bit gaudy (get the picture?) but we can’t help but notice the different styles (there’s 5 of them) and how useful they are to cram all of your stuff in (especially for the ladies). Plus, the things can look pretty dang good and don’t cost an arm an a leg. Below, “Pennies From Heaven” the Small Whak Sak version, for $79.99 is available soon. Bags mostly range from $60 to $80.

Last year, too: We are an on-going fan of the Whak Sak and all its glamor

Tote-ally one more choice: we couldn’t not give a thumbs-up to the Prince inspiration collection tennis tote, just $14.95 on Tennis Express:

(screen grabs via whak sak and tennis express)

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