ao flashback: monica, 1992


Monica Seles clad in a tangerine Fila top (complete with shoulder art – and we don’t mean tats!) during the 1992 final of the Australian Open, which she won against BFF Mary Joe Fernandez 6-2, 6-3. | Monica on TSF

(photo by woowoowoo via flickr)


One Response to “ao flashback: monica, 1992”

  1. Timian Says:

    Even all these years later I still haven’t seen as great a big match/point player as Monica was before the attack. Her sheer ferocity more than compensated for her average movement and sub par athleticism. (Though it’s worth noting that she did have some of the all time great footwork, despite her lack of speed.)

    I can’t help but believe Monica would have gone on to dominate the tour for a long, long time. It wasn’t until the Williams’ sisters really came into their own a few years after they joined the tour that I think Monica would have been consistently out played.

    As it is of course, while she made the courageous decision to return, not a single aspect of her game ever really came close the level she sustained before the stabbing. What could have been, huh?

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