is this rock bottom?



Or can Dinara Safina sink lower than a 6-0, 6-0 loss to Kim Clijsters in the first round of the Aussie? Her loss marks a first for a former world no. 1 at a Major. In 2000, former world no. 1 Monica Seles lost to Martina Hingis by the same score at Miami. But as other former female greats have showed us, there’s farther to fall. We just wonder what bottom is for Dinara. | Bagels: Those that have been served on TSF

(photo via getty images)


6 Responses to “is this rock bottom?”

  1. chris Says:

    dear lord i hope not … i was hoping a resurging safina would be a good storyline for 2011. she’s still got the weapons but WTF happened to her? wozniacki be warned!

  2. gordo Says:

    I find this emblematic of all of women’s tennis.

  3. michael07seles Says:

    I dont get the article that you have a link to. It says she is the only former world number 1 to lose 6-0 6-0???? but sharapova lost 0 – 0 to davenport and seles lost 0 – 0 to hingis!

    I’m confused any1 can explain?

  4. kenneth Says:

    On the upside — for her, anyway — she starting to look a bit like a gigantic Tracy Austin.

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