loup gives VolleyGirls a new look


The VolleyGirls of the Delray Beach ITC have become a staple of the SoFla event. TSF nabbed designer Danielle Ribner of Loup, to chat about the NYC-based chic clothing co dressing the ladies this year. -NM

TSF: Tell us about the partnership between Loup and the Delray Beach tourney? How did it come about? Danielle Ribner, Loup: The director of the Volley Girls at the Delray Beach ITC contacted me a while ago to ask if Loup would consider sponsoring the girls and dressing them for events during and leading up to the tournament. They seemed to really support independent designers and partneringwith up and comers which seemed ideal to me.

TSF: What are the Volley Girls? What are their history?
DR: The VolleyGirls are a team of about 15 women, some of them professional dancers, that promote and energize the tournament.They’ve been around since 2007 and every year they seem to get more popular.

TSF: When you went about this project, how did you pick the right clothes for the girls to wear? Especially thinking about Delray and the flavor/ style of the tournament.
DR: I wanted to make sure the girls had outfits that would stand out, but also feel very relaxed and stylish. Instead of looking like uniforms, I wanted to give them clothes that made them feel like cool girls hanging around the tournament so that their personality could shine through.

TSF Vault: Loup’s always turning our  head

TSF: When you look at a tournament like Delray Beach, do you get excited about the partnerships and the way that tennis can branch out from mainstream traditions?
DR: Yes, definitely! I love that this tournament feels like it’s taken its own path and makes sure to involve the community as much as possible. As a smaller company, it’s important to maintain our identity as we evolve, and I think the Delray Beach ITC believes in that too. | More VolleyGirls pics

More of Danielle (and Loup) after the cut.

It’s almost time for spring: The Loup Ruffle Sweatshirt | Online for $80 (Image via Loup)

TSF: What are you most excited about in the upcoming season for Loup?
DR: I’m really excited that the brand is branching out past makingjust stylish athletic basics, but creating garment that can be worn everyday while still being infused with the Loup identity – meaning garments that are easy to wear and that are functional and feminine.

TSF: If you could dress one player – male or female – who would you choose?
DR: Actually, right now I dress a rising tennis star, Sydni Katz, and it’sbeen so much fun. She completely captures the fun and fresh Loup identity, plus she loves fashion and trying new things which is alwaysgreat!

TSF: What one experience would you like to have the most during your stay at Delray Beach?
DR: Well, I just learned that I will be a part of one of the coin tosses, so that will definitely be a new experience for me! I’ve never even been on an actual tournament court before, so I can’t wait to be face-to-face with the players and see what it’s like for them on center stage.

(volleygirls photo courtesy of delray beach itc)


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