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WANT: from ruffles to duffles

March 15, 2011

Fine, fine. The cheese stands alone. No one’s into that Caro dress except for me (and hopefully Woz herself). You should see it up close, though, if you can. I think that’s how I got sold on it. But that then raises the question: who are you selling for — the person wearing it or those who have to look at it from afar?

Anyway, while snooping through the stores on the grounds of the BNP Paribas Open, we ran across this duffle from Fila, part of their 100-year collection. It’s in a quilted navy blue nylon with tan leather trim and gold hardware. These were flying off the shelves, so we think the public agrees with us loving this piece.

Sadly, we didn’t take one home with us; no more bag purchases until we thin out the stock in the TSF West accesories closet!

Buy: Fila 100-year duffle bag; peacoat (navy blue); $120;

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maybe a … christmas card??

March 15, 2011

One big happy… We know it’s only March, but don’t you think this could be their … uh … Christmas card?? We’ll let Nole pen the “update” letter.

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