r is for robin and robey


Here’s the landing page for Dutch ATPer Robin Haase‘s official site. He’s wearing clothes by Robey, a sportswear company that started in the late 40s and made a comeback in late 2010. More images and info to come as we dissect their offerings. (Can’t wait? Browse ahead.)

FYI, Robin’s been wearing Robey since the beginning of 2011, alternating between white and navy versions of this vintage-inspired polo (note the stripes on the sleeves). The logo on the chest is the company’s “R”, while one of their other logos — a four-leaf clover — appears on Robin’s sweatband. Much better than receiving the standard issue from adidas, right? What do you think of Robin’s new look? Tell us!

(images via Getty Images; Haase website screengrab from robinhaase.nl)


2 Responses to “r is for robin and robey”

  1. Perry Laukens Says:

    Great look, something different and special.

  2. Robin Teunissen Says:

    excellent materials, nice fit, true old story and cool comeback for Robey and Robin! Good Luck.

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