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short balls: is that a jimmy in your phone or are you just… ?

April 14, 2011

By Benjamin Snyder

Basically Jimmy: Prepare for Jimmy 2.0, or rather “Jimmy Connors 109,” as the retired tennis champ’s newly released app is called, reports USA Today initially broke the story, writing, “Part tutorial and part anecdotes, the video app showcases Connors to a whole new generation, while at the same time appealing to fans who watched him become one of the best and most popular players in the 1970s and ’80s.” In Connors’ own words, “I go back to basics, which is how I learned to play. I really believe simpler is better, and as I’m describing a shot or a grip, I’m showing you exactly how I did it.”

Roger Federer 007: Need a paparazzi decoy? Don’t ask Mirka, that just means she’ll wear sweat pants to dinner. Instead, Fed is your man, as he was the other night when out with BFF (Best Fashion Friend) Anna Wintour (oh yeah, and Mirka came too, yaaaaawn). According to the New York Post article, Federer helped Wintour escape from the paparazzi after the meal concluded. The article cites a spy (Mirka?!): “He and the group exited the side door carrying presents. The photographers ran to the side, but the queen of Vogue was nowhere to be found. One yelled, ‘Where’s Anna?’ Federer took his time loading the car, smiled and went on his way. Anna walked out the front door unnoticed.” As the article states, “chivalry still rules for Federer,” and it seems to be nowhere near dead. At the same time, how did Mirka feel about Federer’s kind acts for Wintour on her b-day? Can’t wait for that story line to develop!

Lisa’s lines: The wheels are turning for Lisa Raymond‘s WTA blog, “Lisa’s Spin.” In a recent post, the dubs specialist talks about country music (!??!???!), cupcakes, her doubles “break-up” and more. Let us repeat again: she talks about her doubles drama. Read it. Plus, what is a day without some life coaching from one, LaRa? Raymond says, “And like any relationship, the forming of a doubles partnership is a bit like dating – you seem interested in someone, you confirm they are single and/or on the market, ask them out, and hope you live happily ever after or something like that! ;-)” Did she really just ;-)??? We can’t with the emoticons.

Loud-mouth Johnny: As loud as John McEnroe is on court, he’s able to spit out the decibels in public places, too. Apparently, he’s just as “obnoxious” off the court, a blurb in the New York Post recounted. It says he “annoyed fellow diners at Recipe, on the Upper West Side recently by loudly recounting tales of his tennis glory days. The court legend entertained his wife and two friends with stories of “beating Bjorn Borg and other victories.”

Chris Chase of Yahoo! Sports is having none of it: “It’d be bigger news if McEnroe went to a restaurant and didn’t talk loudly about Bjorn Borg. What’s most surprising is that the old tennis champ wasn’t boasting about that time he partied with The Rolling Stones.”

The next loud-mouth superstar? Speaking (yelling?) of Johnny Mac, his protege, Ingrid Neel continues to make waves in the tennis world — the boys’ tennis world. The 12-year-old from Minnesota is playing tennis with the boys — and only the boys. Her hometown coach Mike Cartwright to the Minnesota Star Tribune has this to say about the pint-sized puncher playing with the fellas: “It will be interesting. It’s going to be hard for some guys, wondering how the heck they are losing to a seventh-grade girl. But she’s just really talented.”

Time to go? David Ferrer‘s recent ad campaign for Bovet watches in Spanish Revolution magazine. He’s rocking the sepia tones and the specs. Looking good (???), David! And… sort of like an Avatar.

(Connors image by ICN via USA Today; Ferrer image via Spanish Revolution)


the big white elephant in the media room

April 14, 2011

Re: the blogger vs. journo debate, what’s left to say, right? I’ll let Craig and CNote speak for us. Bloggers aren’t going anywhere, so we might as well get seats at the adult table. We know what we’re doing! And it’s not like we’re just putzing around — even the stuff that’s you may think is fluff takes work to put together.

xoxoxo TSF

(ot) anders sølvsten thomsen for oki-ni

April 14, 2011

Danish stylist Anders Sølvsten Thomsen rummages through online retailer oki-ni‘s current closet and comes up with a few looks with lots of bright colors, loud prints, and this wonderful necklace from J.W. Anderson‘s current collection, “The Devoured and I.” Browse: See it all here.

even if only for that view…

April 14, 2011

…the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters is definitely on our tennis bucket list.

This year’s quarterfinal match-ups are now set, with the top four seeds — that’s Nadal, Federer, Murray, and Ferrer — making their way through along with Ljubicic (who upset fifth seed Berdych), Melzer, Frederico Gil, and Troicki (Robredo retired with a left adductor injury while up a set).

Tomorrow, Troicki plays Ferrer, Melzer goes up against Federer, then it’s Nadal vs. Ljubicic and Murray vs. Gil. FYI, Nadal is gunning for his seventh straight title in Monte Carlo.

More: Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters website.

(image via Getty Images)

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