tattoo watch: simone vagnozzi


Consolation prize: As sad as it is that Pico peaced out early at this week’s Barcelona Open, TSF found the silver lining: an inner-arm tat on Italian Simone Vagnozzi, who upset 16th seed Monaco 6-3, 6-2 in the second round. Vagnozzi fell in the subsequent round to Juan Carlos Ferrero. (Archives: TSF Tattoo Watch)

If anyone out there has a better pic, we’d love to see it!

Read up: Vagnozzi’s page on the ATP site.



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4 Responses to “tattoo watch: simone vagnozzi”

  1. opischismis Says:

    I wonder what was tattooed on his arm. I hope you are able to post a clearer picture.

  2. Reiko Says:

    In Barcelona I thought of you guys and here you are:


    You might be interested in this:


    Lukas Rosol, also in Barcelona this year.

  3. Tattoo Dream Says:

    Juan Carlos Ferrero Nice Photos.

  4. Mariano Bergem Says:

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