fashion focus: the claws come out at the easter bowl


We ❤ Colette Lewis for being our eyes and ears in the juniors front. She was out in Rancho Mirage, Calif. earlier this month to cover the Easter Bowl, and snapped these pics of a Boys’ 14s EB champ Ernesto Escobedo wearing a brand we’ve never seen: Raptor. A few other highly ranked SoCal juniors were wearing these kits, too.

Read up: Colette’s Easter Bowl write-up.

Who’s the raptor? Anyone out there with more details about this brand? Write us back — we’d love to know!

(photos by Colette Lewis/ZooTennis)


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One Response to “fashion focus: the claws come out at the easter bowl”

  1. marcus Says:

    Colette: RAPTOR is an upstart clothing company. Despite this, we have seriously accomplished juniors as sponsored athletes. Check out to see the profiles of Team Raptor. You aint see nothing yet. Our new 360 degree sublimation shirt will soon be kicking @SS on our competitiors just like our athletes. Congrats Ernesto!

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