cowlneck and stripes?


If looks could kill: Check out these pics Marat Safin shot by Erez Sabag for the May 2011 issue of Russian InStyle. When not left to his own devices, the man cleans up. (I’ve already forgiven him for all the contrast collars he picked up in bulk this past winter.) Cowlneck and stripes? The man — or at least his stylist — knows the way to my heart.

Wise words: The Q&A accompanying the spread has Safin recounting his early tennis life (living in Spain, being an indentured junior, being ignored by the ladies), offering his thoughts relationships (alas, for a tennis pro, the ladies have to play second fiddle), and explaining his preference in clothes (he likes it simple). It’s actually a good read; translation at MTF.

Gawk: Rest of the pics below. Enjoy!

(src; InStyle photos by Erez Sabag; red carpet image by Fotonoticias/Getty Images)



3 Responses to “cowlneck and stripes?”

  1. M Says:

    Stunning, no?

    I have to laugh at this

    “being ignored by the ladies”

    though. I can’t even concieve of it. LOL.


    […] are some of the other fashions that Marat shows off in the magazine. Here’s a look at his InStyle glam […]

  3. Lisa Says:

    Yum Yum Such wonderful eye candy!

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