tattoo watch: simone vagnozzi


Reiko took us up on the request for a closer look at Simone Vagnozzi‘s inner arm tattoo. Here’s a pic shot later in that week of the 2011 Barcelona Open, won last month by Rafael Nadal. (Archives: TSF Tattoo Watch)

Step 2: Can anyone help with a translation?

(Taken in Barcelona by Reiko)


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4 Responses to “tattoo watch: simone vagnozzi”

  1. notabilia Says:

    I can help but do you have a clearer picture? Many of the characters are ‘smushed’ together.

  2. DG Says:

    My Hindi is too rusty unfortunately.

  3. Dory Says:

    It’s what Lord Sri Krishna says in the Bhagvad Gita: “With whatever motive people (worship and) ask of me, I reward them (or fulfill their desires) accordingly.”

  4. DG Says:

    Good job Dory!

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